Fear & Greed

With sadness I watched and listened to the 4th televised debate by Republican Party hopefuls for the 2016 election. There was talk of healthcare; there was specific talk of tearing down Obamacare and of replacing it with a free market system. There was much talk of the importance of military strength and claims that without it the US would have no influence in the world. This talk, this machismo talk of strutting about the Middle East and Afghanistan teaching the inhabitants how to live was endorsed over and over under the guise of making the US great again.

One has to wonder if the US was ever great. It has enjoyed many years of military and industrial might – the two so closely intertwined as to be impossible to distinguish one from the other – but it was never great in the sense of the Roman, and British Empires, or even the world of Islam. It has been great in having the highest prison population in the world, and in being way ahead of any other nation in gun related homicides but there has never been any sign of an honorable culture – of a nation with values, with a conscience. It is a free-for-all society devoid of humanitarian values with little respect for its own authorities. Police abuse citizens, pupils abuse their teachers, children sue their parents and lawyers play memory games before judges when deciding the fate of their clients. Members of Congress openly defied the President by directly communicating with a foreign government offering opposition to his policy and later inviting a foreign head of state to address the US Congress. Such disrespect in any other nation comes under the heading of treason – as in aiding the enemy.

There was too talk of God, the Christian one was implied by reference to the Bible which was noted as making more sense than the tax code – An odd analogy. Israel, and the need to support that nation, came up in between mentions of the Bible but there were no quotes from it. The importance of family too was spoken of along with the American dream. Family, the Bible, and the American dream are usually synonymous with the National Rifle Association to protect where God fails but such references were absent.

There was no talk of education, long established as the first responsibility of government, because, one has to speculate, US primary and secondary education standards are the worst of all the first world countries. The consequences of such poor administration were there, standing on that stage, in all their arrogant ignorance.

The US is not great – never has been. It could be because there are lots of good people there. There are more Franklin Roosevelts and Barack Obamas out there but they are not to be found on stage competing like beauty queens; such indignities are reserved for thick skinned politicos who care not of what they do but of how they are perceived. Sophists all – not one among them cares about the people who are the Americans, about the people working fifty hour weeks barely making ends meet; about the people who cannot afford extraordinary dentist bills for perfect, straight teeth, outrageous college fees that become lifetime burdens. No America was not, and is not, great.

People who care are to be found in hospitals and research centres, in charities and learning centres, in aid programs and among the volunteers who help those too needy to be recognized by any other means. These are people whose American Dreams are based not on accumulating assets and protecting them with guns and lawyers – these are people who seek to improve life for everyone with cures for cancer, renewable energy, higher education, and wise administration. I saw no wisdom on the stage of the 4th Republican Party convention. I saw only fear and greed – unashamed, blinkered and rampant.

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Archaeology is Catching Up

Evidence recently revealed in China suggests The Matriarchy’s calendar of the dispersal of Homo sapiens 180,000 years ago to be closer to reality than that of established opinion.

A report published by the BBC in October 2015 written by BBC science editor Paul Rincon states that scientists working in Daoxian, south China, have discovered teeth belonging to modern humans that date to at least 80,000 years ago which is 20,000 years earlier than the accepted “Out of Africa” migration that led to the successful peopling of the globe by our species.

Details of the work are outlined in the journal Nature – in which Dr María Martinón-Torres of UCL is quoted as saying: ‘We need to re-think our models. Maybe there was more than one Out of Africa migration.

Of course there was Dr María Martinón-Torres. There was a constant flow of human traffic through the region fueled by changing climate and the constant need for food and water. The need for my family to rethink models created from years of careful research and analysis has never existed because we were there. Our memories reach back to The Beginning when The Matriarchy evolved when our fore mothers developed the ability to communicate with the child in the womb and subsequently to pass their memories to future generations

Mr Rincon’s report though has great value in reminding us of the vulnerability of science devoid of speculation. He points to the following:

Several lines of evidence – including genetics and archaeology – support a dispersal of our species from Africa 60,000 years ago.

Early modern humans living in the horn of Africa are thought to have crossed the Red Sea via the Bab el Mandeb straits, taking advantage of low water levels.

All non-African people alive today are thought to derive from this diaspora.

Now, excavations at Fuyan Cave in Daoxian have unearthed a trove of 47 human teeth.

In what Rincon calls a ‘Game Changer’ Dr María Martinón-Torres states, “It was very clear to us that these teeth belonged to modern humans [from their morphology]. What was a surprise was the date,” she told BBC News.

“All the fossils have been sealed in a calcitic floor, which is like a gravestone, sealing them off. So the teeth have to be older than that layer. Above that are stalagmites that have been dated using uranium series to 80,000 years.”

This means that everything below those stalagmites must be older than 80,000 years old; the human teeth could be as old as 125,000 years, according to the researchers.

In addition, the animal fossils found with the human teeth are typical of the Late Pleistocene – the same period indicated by the radioactive dating evidence.

Some fossils of modern humans that predate the Out of Africa migration are already known, from the Skhul and Qafzeh caves in Israel. But these have been regarded as part of a failed early dispersal of modern humans who probably went extinct.

However, the discovery of unequivocally modern fossils in China clouds the picture.

So there we have, set in stone no less, irrefutable science denying solid research and analysis.

“Some researchers have proposed earlier dispersals in the past,” said Dr Martinón-Torres.

“We really have to understand the fate of this migration. We need to find out whether it failed and they went extinct or they really did contribute to later people.

“Maybe we really are descendents of the dispersal 60,000 years ago – but we need to re-think our models. Maybe there was more than one Out of Africa migration.”

Rincon goes on to secure comments on the Doaxian find from other luminaries from Harvard and the Natural History Museum agreeing with the “game-changer” scenario in the debate about the spread of modern humans. In particular the earlier dispersal of modern humans into the Levant, recorded by the fossils from Skhul and Qafzeh about 120,000 years ago, that was considered a failed dispersal comes under review. The teeth from Daoxian seem unquestionably modern in both size and morphology, and look to be accurately dated by uranium-thorium methods to at least 80,000 years. This opens the discussions to the possibility of a separate dispersal of more modern humans Which of course I know to be true. We make clear In the Beginning that the Indus Valley was the cradle of modern humans and that dispersals to the north, south and east were constant.

The fact that the discoveries in Doaxian are in no way new to the Matriarchy does not detract from their value, or from that of Paul Rincon’s comprehensive reporting, because between them they open doors. While archaeology and anthropology remain a poor second to the pursuit of financial reward humans must remain ignorant of their origins – ignorant, that is, until The Matriarchy ascends to power once more.


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Vote not for Hillary . . .

Hillary Clinton has formally announced that she is to run as the Democratic Party candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, which is fine – few people expected anything else. She has experience as First Lady, and as Secretary of State – can anyone else match that? No of course not, and there’s more – she’s a woman. Wow! There has never been one of those on the US banknotes before.

Her opening lines centre around the Humanities – around Healthcare, Social Services, Education, Equality, and the great middle income dilemma. All of which is the stuff of good governance but it’s not her personal stuff. Let’s not be bound up in the personality battles so common in US politics. When we talk of Humanities in this regard we are talking of Democrat Party policy. We are talking of people first, not business first. We are talking of the real function of government which is to take care of its people while improving their living standards and nurturing their spirits.

While we’re establishing definitions let’s be clear about defense. It’s not offense. Defense does not mean building a military force that outweighs every other nation’s military establishment combined by a considerable margin. That is not defense. That is offense – it is in fact offensive in both the physical and mental sense. People who think are offended by a political party duping its electorate into funding an outrageously large army, air-force, and navy when already defended by the world’s largest oceans on two sides and by friendly nations to the north and south. The US is not in danger. There is no threat of invasion by the smaller countries of the Middle East. China and Japan are not likely to come charging over the oceans to storm the ramparts of the Pacific coast. The Europeans are not going to swarm the Atlantic to take the Eastern Seaboard. Those that say otherwise are fear mongers – liars who feed on fear Clearly the maxim that says, “The bigger the lie, the more believable it becomes,” is true.

What is also true, and let there be no mistake about this, is that by providing political candidates with unlimited funding from anonymous sources, PACs, we are flinging wide the doors for corruption of the very worst kind. Only those intent on profiteering will be elected under such an arrangement. People who care about others, people intent on long, useful lives for themselves and others, are not the people who come funded by big business and egotistic power brokers. Those people, those sophists, funded by corporate entities are there to protect those same entities. They are not there to promote health, education, and growth of the nation. They are there to keep the tax laws favourable to high earners and to restrict government to a few, malleable, protagonists.

Make no mistake this election should be focused on the intent of the political parties: Not, as the media would have it, on the suitability of the candidate. The parties can each determine who among them can best take on the cloak of President. The job of the electorate is to determine which of the parties’ manifestos presents the best policy for the people of the US – all the people of the US.

On the last occasion a republican became President the US was catapulted into two wars in which it still participates – fourteen years later taxpayer’s money still flows to those foreign fields. How did that come about? How did this great nation find itself in such a quagmire? It came about because of a hung election. It came about because George W Bush, the titular head of the Project for the New American Century, did not receive sufficient votes for a mandate: He did not receive enough votes to implement the dreams of his backers. He actually received less of the popular vote than his democratic opponent but squeezed home with just one vote via his brother Jeb, then Governor of Florida, and the Supreme Court. A thinner majority would not have been possible so there was no approval: there was only the responsibility. In the event, despite its huge military might, the US was attacked on its own soil with civil airliners piloted by citizens of a friendly nation. How could that happen? How could the citizens of the nation which signed the oil-for-technology treaty with Franklin Roosevelt seventy years before be attacking the hand that still feeds them? Or were they? Were they just innocent dupes in a deadly struggle for the power of the people?

The truth remains buried, though be it in a shallow grave, but the outcome was lifted high: A firm mandate to attack the nation harbouring the attackers emerged, and a clear reason to build bigger the defenses followed. Whatever the New American Century lacked before 911, it had in spades before the month was out. The leap that followed, the leap that transferred retribution from Afghanistan to Baghdad, somehow slipped from the purview of the US electorate. That was not the case in the rest of the world; the rest of the world knew there was no justification for the invasion of Iraq but in went the US troops with guns blazing and boots crunching and all the evil horrors of war followed. We are paying for that – all of us – still.

So let’s be absolutely clear for what the people are voting come November 2016. They are not choosing a personality; they are choosing a government. They are choosing between either a business government or an humanities one. If they continue to choose business over people they will arrive at rule by private enterprise – by fascism – rule by dictate. If they wish to retain democracy they must choose carefully. FDR told us long ago that, “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

Education, it was decided, by the sages of ancient Greece some 2,500 years ago, is the first responsibility of government. It was true then, and it is true now. When we choose to vote we must be wise; to be wise we need education. Vote not for Hillary; vote for what Hillary brings.

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